We are an international team of 70+ people from 18 countries, speaking 13 languages.

Sonya Bonova , CEO, Rilla

Working with Marquee Equity was an awesome experience. Madhurika Sharma and the entire team were very professional and exceeded our expectations. They were thorough in their meetings with our business team. They provided very high quality with the development of our pitch deck and business spreadsheets/financial models. We are very pleased. We highly recommend them to others.

Barranett Farquharson Jr , Network Solutions Architect

Marquee was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was initially nervous about spending money with them, but it has been well worth it. They took their time to walk through the entire process and did all the heavy lifting to get the financial models done. I truly appreciate the professionalism and communication they provided throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with getting their ideas off the ground.

Ziad El Mssann , CEO, Planit

Working with Marquee staff on preparing the pitch deck and financial model was professional and fruitful.

Charley Pavlosky , CEO & Founder at ShopSee

Chandani and the entire team are professional, personable and extremely responsive to every issue we dealt with along the way. We found their entire focus was always at the forefront of every communication with them and they provided a wealth of knowledge to our specific needs. I'd easily recommend them and all of Marquee to any colleague.

Tyeasha Harris , Co Founder at Push Start Auto

Marquee Equity exceeded expectations as to what they were able to provide for our company. The staff ( Himani Sharma and Amitoj Singh) was professional and meet all deadlines. Great overall service and we highly recommend Marquee Equity.

Boris Dvinsky , Founder/CEO at Elaris Technologies

We have worked with Dheemant, Sujata, Amitoj & Gargi developing our deck and materials for our cleantech startup. They have all been extremely professional, displaying amazing talent and diligence in all of their work. We are extraordinarily impressed with the results, and it has also been a true pleasure working with them. We give them our highest recommendation!

Mordechai Katz , Sustainability Manager, Standard Carbon

Dheemant, Sujata, Amitoj & Gargi worked well as a team, and integrated all of their talents to produce a timely, cost-competitive and most importantly professional sales deck that we will proudly present to investors and large corporations.

Solofo Rafeno , DizzitUp CEO

Having understood rapidly our vision and objectives, Marquee Equity team has made a fantastic work in co-laying out both our new pitch deck and business plan. A special mention to Madhurika, smart, dedicated and very responsive.

Ali Ozbek , Group Chief Financial Officer at GamesBoost42

Marquee is filled with young ambitious professionals who take their jobs seriously and dedicated to deliver their promises. They are diligent responsive and technically competent group of individuals during our first stage of collaboration, strongly advise. Hope to see the results.

Bhavna Basu , Co-Founder & COO at BonAyu Lifesciences

It’s been really good experience working with Marquee team. They understand the business and financial aspects very well. After having few discussions they came up with a brilliant pitch deck for us. So overall we are very happy with them.

Wardell Crutchfield , CEO, Bardrop

From getting the deliverables to preparing for initial investor meetings, Marquee has been exceptional. Their flexibility for the beginning stages of the project has proven to make them very customer friendly and easy to work with even though we are located across the Atlantic (my USA-based startup with their India-based company). If you have a startup looking for Angel Investors, Marquee is the company you want to partner with!

Emmanuel Ojinnaga , Founder, CEO @ SMARTSHE

Marquee has a fantastic progress update and communication delivery. Secondly, the quality of document produced and most especially the professional financial statements raised still keep me Wow. Above all, trusting their client's input at all level of their project. This is proficiency at it's peak. Well Done! Marquee-Equity.

Mustapha Ibrahim , Founder and CEO, RoadRunner Mobility Tech.

Road Runner's experience with ME I heard about ME services via LinkedIn, after going through their platform, we were attracted to Marquee Equity’s services in helping us with our fund raise based on their performance-based model, global network of investors, and the material support and expertise they provide in building investor materials and our data room. It was really a great and fun experience working with Jatan, Payal and the ME team.

Jenny Adams , Founder, Equiliberation.org

The team at Marquee Equity has been wonderful to work with. Their expertise and full-service is impeccable. Chandani, my account rep who also put together the financial models, is responsive, communicates well, and is an expert in financials and Excel. Thank you, Marquee!

Vinit Shah , Co-founder at MyStudia

The documents were made really well. Krish has been super understanding and took time to deep dive into small details to deliver a close to reality model. The team was always responsive and Payal has been available whenever we need any help. I did not like the deck design - it was a bit too corporate and wordy. We used the data from their deck and mine to make my original one better. Other than that, the campaign is underway and going well.

Tom Fabbri , Founder and CEO, Total Motion 360

Building relationships is what building a business is all about. During the process of working with Marquee Equity my wife Rhonda was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. We were devastated of course and I was thinking of shutting the business down to take care of my wife, but Rhonda said we keep on pressing on. I spoke with Payal and Krish and they were incredibly supportive and understanding of what we were going through. They said to take as much time as needed and not to worry about the PitchDeck. They were sending prayers and uplifting thoughts constantly and always asking how my wife was doing. Working with Marquee through this struggle has been a blessing in our lives.

Dr. Bharadwaj , COO & Senior Scientist, at Oncoseek Bio

I heard about Marquee Equity for the first time through Sushmita. Things moved fast, and we started working together. They were very quick and apt in their response and worked very professionally, the team consisting of Payal, Jatan, Rijul, Ayushi, Gaurav etc were very diligent about whatever they did, they were always available but were behind-the-scenes and ensured that everything was perfect. The quality of the documents like one pager, pitch deck and financial model that they made was excellent and outstanding. I learnt through them that they did not work earlier for a hard-core life science research company like ours, but they were confident enough and assured us that they will do a good job which they did!! They worked like a fund-raising partner with us! We thank all of them for their wonderful work and appreciate it very much.

Remy , Founder-CEO, Dietsensor

Lipika and Himani have been very helpful to help write a compelling investor deck. The best one I ever wrote (this is my 4th fund raising round). They are very committed to their task, moving fast. The campaign helped reach thousands of potential investors. Lipika was always listening to my wishes, changing the targeting when desired, solving technical issues with my gmail. No deal signed yet but still in progress. I am able to use the deck with my own network too and it helps a lot. Thanks.

Brenda Nyongesa , Director Administration and Fund Operations, Duis Capital

The team is resourceful and very efficient to work with. So far so good, I would work with them again and again. Sujata , Amitoj and Keshav ,keep up the good work!

Antonio Maiello , CEO, Matras Logistica S.r.l.

I felt very comfortable with your company right from the first approach with Chandni Ramachandran who explained the basics of the service, to then continue with Amitoj Sing and Himani Sharma with whom we managed to formulate a very effective presentation, which fully satisfies our expectations, to address to future investors

Ira Jon S. Kiener , Founder, Chairman and CEO at Dealogikal PTE LTD

I cannot say enough good things about my business experiences with Jatan and Payal. They are capable, intelligent and bring a clear understanding, but at the same time totally personable. I would definitely engage them again!

Serge Amouzou , CEO and Founder at Finpro

Sujata was very professional in her work to get our documents and financial model in place to kickstart the fundraising process. She and the team did a phenomenal job on the deliverables and it really was a pleasant working experience.

Reginald Maisonneuve , Principal, Aegis LLC

As an early-stage FinTech, we’re working diligently to advance our product and market presence while also reaching out to and winning the interest of investors whose investment profile we fit. We were attracted to Marquee Equity’s services in helping us with the latter based on their performance-based model, global network of investors, and the material support and expertise they provide in building investor materials and establishing an aggressive investor outreach program. Marquee Equity is proving to be a valuable and essential partner to achieve our investment goals. The quality of the materials they produced, their persistent impulse in driving the program forward, and their guidance in developing and executing investor strategy has been critical. It’s nice to know they’re there. Many thanks to Krish Gandhi, Payal Punn, and their colleagues for their drive and responsiveness pulling this together. We’re excited to have launched the program and by Marquee Equity’s managing it to realize our company’s potential. They were essential in making it happen!

John Knowles , CEO, BMB Luxury

We have just completed the documentation preparation phase (pitch deck, made-to-measure dynamic financial model and investment teaser) working closely with Krish Gandhi and Payal Punn. We provided them with our own original documentation after which they gave us frank feedback on the improvements necessary and their plan for executing the improvements. The final documentation is infinitely better than our originals, exceeding our highest expectations and surely representing an ideal base for the investor reach. Marquee has demonstrated great expertise, experience, analytical ability and creativity in all areas and has also been pro-active in suggesting changes which will improve the financial results. In addition, the efficiency, speed and respect of deadlines have been superlative – without losing a human touch, despite the relationship being only online at a great distance. Reading other testimonials, I see in all of them the consistency with which Marquee delivers the quality experienced by my company. I have already recommended Marquee to other business acquaintances.

Shimon , Managing Director & Parter at Simon&Tom

Marquee is exactly what was needed by startup founders to make their lives easier. Very efficient service that delivers meetings with top notch investors.

Hasan Babat , Managing Director at Tuscan Consulting

Great Experience working with Madhurika & Marquee Team I have been working with Madhurika & the Marquee Team for the past couple of months to prepare the pitch deck and financial model and their services are outstanding! I will highly recommend them.

Mauritz Venter , CEO at AzarGen Biotechnologies

Project excellence by Marquee team members. My co-founder and I started the engagement with Marquee in mid-July. The process was very well managed by Payal Punn and Krish Gandhi. We were pleasantly surprised to how well these two members of the Marquee team could 'package' and present the complexities of a biotech venture in a pitch-deck. The Marquee team's professionalism and responsiveness were outstanding! The patience and expertise, especially regarding the build of various financial models, by Krish Gandhi were impressive! It was an absolute pleasure working with Payal and Krish.

David Bycroft , Executive Director at Bycroft Consulting

The team at Marquee (Dheemant, Sujata, Amitoj, Balkis & Tanya) did an excellent job in preparing and managing our capital raising campaign. Each department was attentive and flexible and also offered helpful guidance towards the design and content of pitch and forecasts.

Kristi Bowers , CEO, Grape.ag

Yash- Five Stars! Yash has been a pleasure to work with. He listens well and offers valuable feedback. His turn around time is lightening fast and his models are clear, organized and sensible. Yash has been a valuable partner in every way. We look forward to the next steps of the process and a successful raise.

Folorunsho Dare , CEO, Lerel Tech

Marquee Equity has been a fantastic partner, they have greatly exceeded our expectations for our business investment documentation and fund raising. Working with Chandani and the entire team has been a memorable and great experience. They are professional, knowledgeable, and always provide top-notch service. We highly recommend Marquee Equity to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial and fund raising partner.

Leigh Allen , CEO, Director and Co-Founder at Augestra

Marquee Equity have been excellent value. We have worked with Payal Punn and Kshitij Nirjar, and I have to say both have been extremely knowledgeable and helpful in building out our offering. The depth and quality of their work has been second to none. We were actually quite surprised in how much they both could help us. The documents that we ended up with were of outstanding quality and are helping us to move forward. I would fully recommend Marquee Equity in general and Payal and Kshitij in particular!

Seyi Ojeleye , Chief Executive Officer, August Mien Technology Company

My Marquee experience: I was a little skeptical of the service because everything started on LinkedIn, but, I did a little research and decided to risk it. So far, they've been very professional and have delivered on the set objectives. I will recommend them to anyone looking to raise funding for their startup. Its Ok to be skeptical, but its ok to also be a risk taker. Take this calculated risk on Marquee today, you won't regret it.

Shamim Kassibawi , Founder & CEO at Play:Date App

I worked with Payal on my startup Financial Model and it was an absolute pleasure. She was available for me and ensured that everything was 100% perfect. Thank you Payal!

Tarun Malaviya , CEO, Mithi.com

A Very Useful Partnership for Growth Having Marquee Equity on our team has been very useful and helpful for us. It takes the load off us in preparing for and reaching out to investors, helping create space for us to continue working on other initiatives critical to growth such as marketing & product innovation. Madhurika, Amitoj, and Lipika from Marquee have been great teammates.

Gianluca Franco , Director, NDF Solutions LTD

I am thrilled to write about my experience at Marquee Equity! Although our cooperation is not yet finished I couldn't wait to share this review. The whole team is fantastic, always polite and invested in any answer they give back to you. I had the chance to work closely with Jatan, his team and Akshat and it has been the one of the best experiences cooperating with a third party service of my career so far. It doesn't happen everyday to find trustworthy people genuinely interested in your business and your success. Their effort is absolutely praiseworthy and goes beyond any expectations due to their commendable proactiveness in suggesting best approaches and solutions. I would recommend their service to anyone. And as for myself...I can't wait to be able to work with them again!

Nick , Skyrize Capital

Great company, going smoothly. Wish technology in emails worked better to not bounce so many

Joel Kaplan , Chief Financial Officer, Pacific Fruit & Beverage Company

Halfway through the onboarding process and so far everything has gone exactly as advertised. Great job Yash, Amitoj, and Khushboo, and countless others no doubt, that worked behind the scenes to get our docs done. Couldnt be happier with the quality of the work as well as the timeliness of responses to my questions and updates to the pitch deck. Very impressed with the structured process I went through to come up with a customized plan that truly meets our needs. Very much looking forward to the next phase, getting in front of potential investors.

Graeme Barnett , Managing Director & CEO, Qponics

Qponics' experience using Marquee Equity's services I am the CEO and Managing Director of an Australian company seeking investment capital to build the first stage of our commercial-scale marine microalgae farm. A year ago, my board of directors resolved to develop a different capital raising strategy, and selected Marquee Equity as their innovative business model was both affordable and credible with evidence of success for their clients. Our Marquee campaign went live in early October 2020, and early in the process after reviewing responses, we modified the strategy to concentrate more on impact investors with a focus on agriculture. On occasion I identified prospective investor companies and Aakriti, Ridhima, Urvashi and the team were able to track down email addresses of key people and send them the introductory email. These proved to be essential parts of the process. To date more than 30 investors responded to me in a positive manner to the email campaign and requested the investor deck and other information about my company and most of these arranged a Zoom meeting. At the time of writing, 14 investors remain interested in my company and one has commenced a due diligence process. In summary, I recommend Marquee Equity as an affordable and proactive fund raising service with staff that have proven to be highly competent, professional and reliable. Dr Graeme Barnett CEO and Managing Director, Qponics Limited, Brisbane, Australia

Dante Oliver , Founder, Xcrool

Truly fortunate to have found Marquee Equity. I am truly fortunate that I've worked with Marquee Equity in my fundraising journey. I've learned a lot and in the process even developed additional products that I have not thought of if it weren't for the latitude that Nikita, Sam, Ridhima, Mehak Koli, and Aakriti had given me in the pitch deck workshop. The financial modeling workshop will force you to think on your own and position your products for the best business model geared towards profitability. The engagement letter workshop will also help you to refine your pitch's personality, brand, and story. And finally, the quality of the network in the outreach is deep extensive. Fundraising is a team effort and Marquee Equity has built a unique team-system. More power and Kudos to my team!

George Kakaire , Co-Founder at eLearnings

Our funding support request to Marquee… Our funding support request to Marquee was met with a level of professionalism and tailored support. The team: @Krish Gandhi, @Payal Punn, @Akshat Sharma, and @Aayushi, hand held us through the requirements analysis, and documentation prep process to ensure that we were ready for investor engagement. Thanks team.

Shane Benjamin , Porta

Great work Great team, responsive and they work quickly. They also try to be thoughtful with my time as well getting the most they can in short well prepared calls. I worked with Amitoj for our financial models he has been very reactive, and he understands quickly what point we are trying to get a cross and help us reflect that through our numbers.

Whaleswap , Whaleswap

We started working with Marquee because we needed a pitch deck and professional financial projections in a hurry. They were more than accommodating, put together a good looking deck and financials really quick. Never went more than a day without a response even with our time different. Big recommendation for Himani and Amitoj, thanks for all your help!

Nutribev SA , Company

It has been a great journey working with the Marquee team, especially Payal and Krish. Their knowledge and advice have been well received. We found the team to be professional and efficient. We would recommend them to anyone in need of raising capital for their business.

Holly Miller , CEO at Northern Arizona Pain Institutes

Great experience working with Marquee Equity, would highly recommend them! We have worked with Marquee Equity to prepare the materials for our funding round and they have done a remarkable job. Yashovardhan Bajaj did a fabulous job working with us and produced for us a great pitch deck and financial projections. We appreciated Yash’s business professionalism and support of our business endeavor. He did a great job and we are very thankful!

David CM Carter , Chairman & Founder at Entelechy Academy Limited

Marquee really care about great customer service.The entire team at Marquee work tirelessly to deliver a totally professional service to their clients. In particular Krishna has been there at all times to make improvements to our decks and docs and to make them more attractive to investors. Account management and customer service from Sarthak and Payal has also been exemplary. Excellent Customer service from end to end. They really care about delivering for their customers.

Alexandra , Founder - Worthy Labs

Himani & Amitoj: The All*Star Team Himani and Amitoj were really wonderful to work with. In addition to being super efficient and professional, they were also very pleasant, friendly, and fun during our regular calls and meetings. I wish I could continue working with them. As for the process, they were always very communicative and transparent. Himani was particularly prompt, while remaining flexible and open-minded to all the modifications I requested. They offered unparalleled support in achieving the deadlines and goals that we set forth at the beginning of our partnership.

Ben Daniels , CEO at VEOS

We worked with Dheemant Surendra to create a compelling pitch deck We worked with Dheemant Surendra at Marquee Equity to create our pitch deck. Dheemant was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He distilled our content into a concise, informative presentation and coordinated with Marquee's graphics designer to make the deck compelling. I highly recommend Dheemant to anyone who needs a deck or other presentation materials

Timothy Brown , CEO at Catch A Case

So far, working with Marquee-Equity has been an absolute pleasure and extremely enlightening. I feel confident my business is in a far better position to secure our first round of seed funding. Their process is thorough and it will force you to think about the financials of your business like an investor will. I am now moving into the marketing phase so I am very excited to see what type of responses I get once the campaign begins. So Excited for the Future!

Jerry Johnson , President at Marketing Data Science

The people at Marquee Equity have been a pleasure to work with. They've been reliable, knowledgeable, and patient with my many questions. They have expertly guided me through some of the more complex areas of investor relations, helped me draft and edit critical documents I didn't even know were required for the fundraising process, and counseled me wisely in communicating with potential investors. They can clearly handle capital raises for anyone, from the neophyte seed funder like myself to the veteran late-series-round entrepreneur. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking capital at any stage of business life.


This company, especially the team they assembled, have all the qualities designed to benefit their clients. For us at OPTIFOLD, we worked with Yashovardhan and Amitoj. We have a sense of confidence in their work due to the level of attention and care they exercised when understanding exactly what values our biotechnology startup provides. They have a strong commitment to keep communicational lines open, professional, and noteworthy to learn from, which made working with Marquee Equity a pleasant experience. For something vital and calculating as fundraising, we are pleased to recommend them to any new startup ready to take the next step. Date of experience: August 27, 2022

Damien Mc Clave , CEO at Central Business Solutions, Inc at Central Business solution Inc.

What a great team to work with. Amitoj is extremely smart and very open to critic and is a wealth of information. Pooja work on the deck design was outstanding. The finished deck and the financial model is top notch.

Jim Alexander , CEO at Try Passages LLC

We have just launched our MVP. I contacted Payal at Marquee. We knew we would need investors. I had worked with another firm to compose our business plan. It was a disaster, total "boiler plate". After another meeting I was convinced that Marquee Equity would deliver. And they did. We have all of our docs completed and I would put them up against any startup with resources similar to ours. They are totally professional. Every phrase, photo or graphic is original. The financials are unbelievable. Jatan and his team did most of the work and they were great to work with. No detail too small. They made numerous revisions and always did them very quickly. I believe they are obsessed with helping us become successful. I could not recommend these people mor highly.

Genesis Recycling , Genesis Recycling

I came across Marquee Equity on LinkedIn. Aashreyy was the first to reach out to me. He was very professional and took on multiple calls to make me understand how everything works. Amitoj, Hardik and, Balkis were assigned to my account and they did an excellent job with the pitch deck and the outreach.

Hermann Kudlich , Co-Founder and CEO at Memorix

After working with Sujata, Amitoj and Hardik on the design of the pitch deck and the new financial model for our startup, I can say that results are perfect and their professionalism and dedication impressive. Massive thumbs up for their support and communication. I can truly recommend Marquee Equity!

Charles Dickson , Founder and CEO at We Meetz

Recommendation Ridhima Marquee Equity I'm writing to recommend Ridhima from Marquee Equity. I've worked with Ridhima for the past few weeks to write a new deck for Wemeetz to present to the investors. As founder and CEO of Wemeetz I have worked with many people in the past years, Ridhima gave me the best deck for my company. In the time I've known her, Ridhima has consistently be a strong and unique lady, capable of taking control of my presentation and ideas and executing it to the fullest and best deck for my company ready for the investors. As well, she's a pleasure to work with. Ridhima is cheerful in the face of daunting deadlines and difficult situations and always available to help me out. Even in difficult times she will make sure she delivers the best work. Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big ideas and executing the small details; Ridhima is just that person. I am really glad and very happy with the work Ridhima has done for me and I am really looking forward to working with her in the future. I highly recommend Ridhima from Marquee Equity. She’s fast, takes everything into account and will give you the best deck that suits your company. Thank you Marquee Equity

Ben Bobo , Cofounder, President and CEO at Retriever Medical, Inc.

The team at Marquee are true pros with an adept ability to understand technology, markets, and financials, presented in a way that is simple, intuitive with high impact. An incredible partner to have in the fundraising process.

Aditya ranjan , CEO at Teesta Travels LLP

Very Professional. I worked with Amitoj and Sujata for creating the documents needed for funding. They were really professional in their approach and I really liked the final result. Being an engineer myself, I was struggling with giving structure to documents like financial model and that's where expertise of Amitoj and Sujata really helped us. Thank you guys!

Steven Du , Founder, Neatly App

Marquee Equity (ME) led me through the journey and helped me promote my company and products better than myself - Even with zero experience in fundraising, I was able to follow ME's structured procedure effortlessly for all the documents to be built; - The questionnaires were so strategically designed and inspiring that they enabled me to get more of my own strengths identified than I'd ever realized before; ME places peace of mind in the stressful fundraising processes - With the support of the whole ME's team, I was able to focus completely on what was needed the most during the procedure - there was not any need to worry about if I would go over the budget or, more importantly, if I would make some big mistakes along the way - I knew I was in good hands; ME was willing to go the extra mile for my company's full potential - I'm really grateful for the extraordinary professionalism and patience from ME's team to work on some very unusual, specific, and niche requirements just for my company, as well as their dedication and abilities to bring out amazing results In my own case, ME's work was like a piece of classical fine art - it's both extremely beautiful and functional at the same time. Everybody will appreciate it when they see it. I could never have reached the level I am currently at without the help from ME's team! Thank You, Indeed!

Jim Nico , Co-Founder at KAPAZATION LLC

Marquee Equity--A Leader For Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Marquee Equity has been and continues to be an ally in the growth and success of our business. From my very first contact with the Marquee team, their knowledge, guidance, and expertise has helped me in the difficult process of raising money for our "No Slip Hair Ties." The perspective about all things an entrepreneur needs to care and learn about is handled with consistent kindness, expertise, and finesse by the Marquee team. Sujata and Amitoj bring a depth of knowledge that is rare in the entrepreneurial environment. I recommend them highly. Jim Nico, CEO, Co-Founder of KAPAZATION LLC

Rajat Shrivastava , CFO, Globus Infocom Ltd

Payal and Kshitij have been very helpful to help write a compelling investor deck. They are very committed to their task, moving fast. It was pleasure working with them and they are really available almost every time and the turn around time is also very prompt.

Rene , Founder-CEO, IKANALM

I worked with Himani and Amitoj. The quality of delivery was good. The only remark is that things could have gone faster.

David Golden , Business Development, Keyark

We are now well along in the process, talking to investors, and we are very satisfied with Marquee. I was concerned that the investor list would be marginal non-USA based investors, but in fact the Marquee investor list are very substantial players. We received excellent support with producing our deck, and was gracefully nudged through a necessary development of our financial projections. Most recently a LinkedIn campaign was turned on, and I'm gaining some LinkedIn connections that may or may not lead to capital, but look to be valuable connections for promoting our service. Last but not least, the Marquee folks work late by USA standards, so there is adequate overlap for even the more extreme TZ differences, such as the case for myself, who is based on the West Coast.

Adeola Adetunji , Commercial Concepts Africa Limited

But for some delays...the output met our expectation. Although there were times I felt Yash did not understand the brief, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 4.5 stars

Suresh Kalpathy , Director & Co- Founder at Rankefy

We commissioned the Marquee Team to help us with the M&A of our company, Rankefy.. They have been quite meticulous so far in their dealings with us. The Analyst team worked closely with us to prepare the deck. They were forthright and honest in their comments all the time. The result has been the creation of a compelling deck that will hopefully spur interest amongst the investment community. I would like to specifically mention the effort put in by Ridhima Wahi in the preparation of the deck. She was constantly encouraging me to provide the right inputs to various slides and ensured that the final deck came to a high standard. A special thank you to her.

Vaibhav Bhatnagar , PInaka labs

Kudos! Team Marquee....I happen to chance upon Marquee while doing our research for Fund Raising, and had initial discussions with Vrinda and subsequently worked with Payal and Sam. It was an extremely rewarding experience for me and my co-founder. Payal has been patient through innumerable iterations and changes (14 version of pitch decks, 6 versions of B-plan and I think 3 Financial Models :P). Overall, it has been great working with the team and I would be more than happy to come back in the future for our next round. It goes without saying that we would be recommending their services and expertise to other start ups. All the best, Team Marquee.

Wenming Kuai , President at ION Take Charge, Inc. at ION Take ChargeInc.

Working with Amitoj and Animesh Is a Bliss. Working with Amitoj and Animesh on the Pitch Deck and Financial Model is a bliss. They are very responsive and attentive. They took the time understanding our product offering, the key features and benefits, and the competitive landscape. Amitoj is very knowledgeable about the financial model which helped us understand the funding needs and accurately portray our financial picture to potential investors. The graphic design team also did a great job in presenting the concepts clearly. Unlike most service organizations that we see today in the United States, they never nickel and dime their time on revisions. It is comforting to know that they will continually make revisions as needed based on the market feedback.

Madeleine Broder , College Application Essay Writing Tutor

I had an excellent experience working with Marquee Equity on the creation of my pitch deck. They were professional, responsive, and very knowledgeable in how they worked. I had previously struggled to create a deck that was succinct enough but Marquee helped me tackle this problem in an efficient and creative way!

Mark Hu , Founder & Chairman at Skyline Tech

Excellent Value & service with Manisha's introducing Marquee and Ash's quick & responsive/kind assist, we chose to work with Marquee because they provided a one-stop solution to fundraising needs of our products and value-added services that went beyond our expectations. Ridhima & Sam and Team helped/rewired our product pitch deck in just 2 weeks with a very professional design & much detailed data analytics provided to support our proposed business model, we all love the new deck and are looking forward to a few more decks + upcoming funding related arrangements & partnerships. We couldn't be happier with Marque as our fundraising partner.

Jerome sr. Carter , DIRECTOR at RESOIL GROUP

Marquee Equity was engaged to assist in the raising of capital for corporate expansion, having worked with several members of the Team, most recently Dheemant SURENDRA, We were very impressed by their abilities to "get the job" DONE.

Ari Saeidi-Pour , Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Sookie Inc

Marquee team are exceptional at what they do. Preparation for fundraising is a hard task for any Entrepreneur experiencing it, and trusting them with this important task was the right decision! Marquee will take the time to understand your business, prepare your essential marketing tools, and then find the investors that are right match for you. This is a fundamental service any startup founder should consider when deciding on fundraising options. Special thanks to Samridhi, Payal, Jason for excellent management and consistent support whenever I needed it.