We are an international team of 70+ people from 18 countries, speaking 13 languages.


Brian S. Payne , CEO and Chairman

The process so far has been very professional and seamless. Marquee provides a path to put forward the most compelling business plans to their family of potential investors

Mwendia Nyaga , Chief Financial Officer

My experience with Marquee Equity, through extensive work done with Arjun Khurana was very good. The turnaround times were excellent and the documents were professionally done. The team invested time to understand our complex business environment and tailored the financial model and pitch deck to accommodate that.

John Ellis , Partner Leisure Consultants

Excellent communication and professionalism from start to finish.


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ankita Kalelkar, and her impact on our project was nothing short of extraordinary. Ankita demonstrated exceptional expertise in crafting a compelling executive summary, a captivating pitch deck, a teaser that piques interest, and a meticulously detailed financial model. Ankita's dedication to excellence, combined with her strategic mindset, significantly elevated the quality of our materials. Her ability to distill complex ideas into clear, concise, and persuasive content was truly impressive. Working with Ankita was not just a professional collaboration, but a partnership marked by her commitment to our project's success. I wholeheartedly recommend Ankita Kalelkar for her outstanding skills and unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch results.

Venkata Subbarao Mellacheruvu , Head Finance

Kisanwala Technologies Private Limited., Taken the services of Marquee Equity who are professionals in supporting the Companies who have aspirations for scalability and grabbing the opportunities of Business expansions with association of Investors.....From the beginning we have received a professional guidance using their expertise in the services in a disciplined manner. Good to note the entire team alloted to us. Thanks to Aakash for his professional approach in explaining the right directions...

Joshua Boike , Founder

I had a phenomenal experience working with Marquee Equity, particularly with Ankita Kalelkar and the rest of the team. They helped us take our early pitch deck and financial drafts to a very professional state and even worked with us through a pivot of our business. 10/10 would work with again.

Dominic Murnane , Managing Director

At the moment I am half-way through the funding process and the documentation provided by ME has been excellent. Far superior than anything presented via incubators for start-up or other government backed bodies here in Ireland. They did most of the "donkey work" which saved me dozens of hours of stress. I am really looking forward to continue working with them on the investor reach-out part of the process.

Toms Mathew , Founder

I am the founder of a manufacturing start up. Marquee equity found me through LinkedIn. They made a very comprehensive deck and financial modelling. It is not just numbers. It is a well constructed and realistic growth plan for next 5 years. The financial expert of marquee was patient enough to listen to every concerns and we had several meetings to conclude the deck and modelling. Altogether it was a right decision to engage Marquee..

Marcel Vienneau , Board Member

Very professional and quick turn around

Rachit Rawat , Founder

Collaborating with Marquee Equity, has been an enriching experience. Their service marked by a commendable level of professionalism, swift response times, and a genuine openness to our requests and feedback. Their invaluable assistance played a crucial role in achieving our initial goals, and we look forward to the same high standard of service as we approach the next milestone of connecting with potential investors through Marquee Equity. We have confidence that their continued support will be instrumental in our future successes.

Yasuhiro Hashimoto , Chief Operating Officer - TaqTik Health Inc.

The team's collaborative effort in constructing the business model for our company was truly remarkable. Their ability to work together effectively was evident in their speed and efficiency in preparing the presentation materials. Their contribution is highly appreciated. However, it's important to note that the results of our fundraising efforts are still unknown, and future outcomes are yet to be determined.

Terrell Samuels , Chief Operations Officer - Monytize, Inc

Great company and great staff! Helped us raise capital and get to the next level! Highly recommended!

Caroline Priebe , Founder / CEO / Designer at Driftless Goods

Paras has been really helpful. He is thoughtful, patient, professional and experienced. I really could not have prepared all the documents without him.

Chris Thompson , VP of Sales & Marketing at XsentreK

Our team had an excellent experience collaborating with Paras and the team on our investor alignment plan. Despite tight timelines, Marquee Equity did its best to accommodate our requests. They've been incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the process

Subham Gupta , CEO

Marquee equity has been brilliant since Day 1 and the entire process for document creation for the dataroom has been impeccable. Siddharth Gada has been working with us from the very beginning and it has been a pleasure to work with him. Siddharth was available on calls whenever we had anything to discuss and was able to assist us in working out the right numbers. The documents created including Pitch Decks, Finanical Models and Executive Summaries look extremenly professional.

Abir Bhowmick , Co-Founder of eduracle

It was a great experience. Working with Chandani and Siddharth to prepare the Financial Models and Pitch Deck was both a revelation as well as a great pleasurable experience. They have good understanding of the expectations of both the investors and the entrepreneurs and act as a great bridge to come up with the right balance. Very happy with their openness to our suggestions and feedback and also the eagerness to incorporate the changes during the numerous iterations.

Gordon Baird , Founder of Nexos Technologies Inc.

Nupur has done a great job on the project so far. Professional, responsive, good attention to detail. A joy to work with.

Dana Tamir-Tavor , Founder & CEO at StylingUpp Innovation

Working with Siddharth Gada - a Marquee Equity investment analyst and his team was a real pleasure. Their high level of service, response-time and openness to our requests and feedback was super important, and helped us reach the goals we expected from their service. We hope and believe we will receive the same level of service from Marquee Equity for the upcoming milestone of being connected to potential investors.

M. D. Billy , Founder/CEO at The Econophy Group LLC

Our experience and interaction with Marquee Equity could not be described any less than being outstanding for the preparation of our documents and financial model. The relationship established with Arjun Khurana was a textbook collaboration to create presentations that were impactful and a spot-on representation of our biotech venture. Arjun's input for design, formatting, and information placement was impressive in every respect. He interacted with us more so as a team member than a contracted resource. Our continual review of the work product in progress was shared with others to receive a thumbs-up from everyone. We have complete confidence that our capital raise phase will be productive and rewarding.

Shiv Keskar , Managing Partner at SmartX Technologies

The ME team know the investor landscape well and they are able to help startups articulate exactly what the investors want to hear. This is a great win-win for all. They are a professionally run team, with two critical ingredients of success - skill and will. Skill in the work they do, and the will to help customers win. All the best to them!

Matty Katz , CEO at Synvertec

I am very happy with the commitment of the team. So far I have been working with Paras and Shubham. Both are very dedicated and provide quick response. I would like to emphasis their ability not only to listen to our needs but provide their own point of view on the material and the status of the on-going campaign. We are still in the middle of the campaign and we will all be examined based on the success to raise the required fund. We all will do our best.

Burges Mirza , Product Manager at Quantum Alchemy Incorporated

We at Quantum Alchemy Inc have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Marquee. We have been in contact with Chandani and Deepty and both are great to work with

Parthasarathi Satyanarayana , Managing Director ( CEO ) at Infiquity Auto Technologies Pvt Ltd

Marquee is a very professional organization and skilled. They are good in speed, quality. They were very accommodative and flexible throughout the deck creation process.

Wasia Rizwani , Entrepreneur; Medical Devices; USA and India

Mudit continues to work with me in preparation of documents and refining pitch for the tech transfer of Genzir's medical devices. He is attentive, prompt and great at his work. I highly recommend him for documentation work. Rest of the Marquee team (Payal and Rijul) is focussed on the M&A or tech transfer proposition and we all hope it goes well.

Thorsten Dunker , Geschäftsführer bei Nexxoil GmbH

Prepared professional documentation that meets investor expectations. In the current campaign, potential investors are consistently approached. There is relatively high wastage, as investors are also approached who are not eligible for an investment due to their investment criteria. But maybe there is also a lucky investor among them who ignores his criteria. This does not cause a lot of work.

Taufik Zuhdi Utomo , Business Strategist and Commercial Excellence

I work together with the Marquee-equity team by introducing my clients who are currently fundraising for their projects. The Marquee Team works in a structured manner, listening to our expectations and helping prepare investment prospectus documentation which includes pitch deck, executive summary and financial modeling to ensure that investor outreach that will be carried out in the next stage is in accordance with applicable standards in the industr

Antonio “Tony” , Owner/CEO | Executive Producer| Producer | Educator at Tone East Music LLC

There seems to be trust issues in, not only in our chosen field of business, but in many aspects of business. Balkis, who manages our investment campaign, is right there with us, at Tone East Music LLC. All questions are answered promptly and there is a secure feeling of dependability. Trust that has been developed through actions. I look forward to our continuing campaign, for I am confident in her and Marquee's process.

Jake Gutstein , Co-Founder of Zestapp

Marquee is the best way to streamline and source high quality cold leads for fundraising. Working with Prerna Upadhyay has been an absolute joy. They are highly responsive, thoughtful, and willing to make bespoke adjustments to strategy as the campaign progresses. I would recommend them to anyone.

Christian H. Müller , Entrepreneur

Mudit has provided a great value in helping us developing the financial model for our start-up project and the Investors Presentation. He is a great professional and team worker. We delivered our data about market estimates, revenues, costs and he did the entire financial model including cash flow, valuation and tax estimates. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

Hasshi Sudler , Chairman & CEO at Internet Think Tank, Inc.

The Marquee Equity team did a very good job handing off from one person to another as the process moved through various phases. Jatan was particularly helpful, as he brought a good deal of energy, professional feedback and guidance to work. We also met with my team weekly to revise the pitch deck as needed to achieve a high quality presentation.

Darren Cundy , Managing Director at CIS

Marquee has been quite responsive.

Deddi Zucker , CEO & Co.Founder at MAPPO

"Marquee has a highly proffesional team, they give friendly srrvice and they are fast I was working intensively with deepty. She was guiding me through all technical issues, distributing strategy- all that with immense patient. At first stage we worked on the deck- and we got an excellent product. Preparation of business model was very professionsl as well."

Marco Colombo , Founder & CEO at Partecipazioni Industriali

"Himani, the analyst that is supporting us, is very proactive, flexible and understands our needs. The excel sheets created and the presentation provided are impressive."

Rod Lewis , Experienced Chief Scientific Officer and Co Founder

"MediKane engaged with key members of Marquee Equity to assist with a fund raising program a few months ago. Prior to this, the MediKane team had experience raising funds with the help of various other advisors, agents and brokers. We selected Marquee based on an investigation into their process and their thoroughness that we had heard about from others. The fund raising program went live 2 weeks ago and both the number and quality of investor enquiries has exceeded expectations, and the detailed follow up Marquee provide has been excellent to date. The advice and attention being provided by Marquee agents has been extremely consistent. I am expecting to be able to provide another reference noting the speed and size of the amount of this raise in a few months."

JMD COMMUNICATION , Managing Director

Marquee Equity is an amazing company that can really make a difference. They have a team of experienced professionals like Sujata Mahajan, Dheemant Surendra, Amitoj Singh and Balkis Banu who provide personalized service and expert advice. They communicate clearly and have a proven track record of success. If you want help with your finances, I highly recommend them.

Alok Awasthi , IT Business Partner

Marquee-Equity has been providing a professional service for investor reach out. Lipika Kharbanda led the email campaign with the appropriate level of due diligence and urgency. Appreciate her contributions.

Sonya Bonova , CEO, Rilla

Working with Marquee Equity was an awesome experience. Madhurika Sharma and the entire team were very professional and exceeded our expectations. They were thorough in their meetings with our business team. They provided very high quality with the development of our pitch deck and business spreadsheets/financial models. We are very pleased. We highly recommend them to others.

Barranett Farquharson Jr , Network Solutions Architect

Marquee was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was initially nervous about spending money with them, but it has been well worth it. They took their time to walk through the entire process and did all the heavy lifting to get the financial models done. I truly appreciate the professionalism and communication they provided throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with getting their ideas off the ground.

Ziad El Mssann , CEO, Planit

Working with Marquee staff on preparing the pitch deck and financial model was professional and fruitful.

Tyeasha Harris , Co Founder at Push Start Auto

Marquee Equity exceeded expectations as to what they were able to provide for our company. The staff ( Himani Sharma and Amitoj Singh) was professional and meet all deadlines. Great overall service and we highly recommend Marquee Equity.

Boris Dvinsky , Founder/CEO at Elaris Technologies

We have worked with Dheemant, Sujata, Amitoj & Gargi developing our deck and materials for our cleantech startup. They have all been extremely professional, displaying amazing talent and diligence in all of their work. We are extraordinarily impressed with the results, and it has also been a true pleasure working with them. We give them our highest recommendation!

Mordechai Katz , Sustainability Manager, Standard Carbon

Dheemant, Sujata, Amitoj & Gargi worked well as a team, and integrated all of their talents to produce a timely, cost-competitive and most importantly professional sales deck that we will proudly present to investors and large corporations.

Solofo Rafeno , DizzitUp CEO

Having understood rapidly our vision and objectives, Marquee Equity team has made a fantastic work in co-laying out both our new pitch deck and business plan. A special mention to Madhurika, smart, dedicated and very responsive.

Ali Ozbek , Group Chief Financial Officer at GamesBoost42

Marquee is filled with young ambitious professionals who take their jobs seriously and dedicated to deliver their promises. They are diligent responsive and technically competent group of individuals during our first stage of collaboration, strongly advise. Hope to see the results.

Bhavna Basu , Co-Founder & COO at BonAyu Lifesciences

It’s been really good experience working with Marquee team. They understand the business and financial aspects very well. After having few discussions they came up with a brilliant pitch deck for us. So overall we are very happy with them.

Wardell Crutchfield , CEO, Bardrop

From getting the deliverables to preparing for initial investor meetings, Marquee has been exceptional. Their flexibility for the beginning stages of the project has proven to make them very customer friendly and easy to work with even though we are located across the Atlantic (my USA-based startup with their India-based company). If you have a startup looking for Angel Investors, Marquee is the company you want to partner with!

Emmanuel Ojinnaga , Founder, CEO @ SMARTSHE

Marquee has a fantastic progress update and communication delivery. Secondly, the quality of document produced and most especially the professional financial statements raised still keep me Wow. Above all, trusting their client's input at all level of their project. This is proficiency at it's peak. Well Done! Marquee-Equity.

Mustapha Ibrahim , Founder and CEO, RoadRunner Mobility Tech.

Road Runner's experience with ME I heard about ME services via LinkedIn, after going through their platform, we were attracted to Marquee Equity’s services in helping us with our fund raise based on their performance-based model, global network of investors, and the material support and expertise they provide in building investor materials and our data room. It was really a great and fun experience working with Jatan, Payal and the ME team.

Jenny Adams , Founder, Equiliberation.org

The team at Marquee Equity has been wonderful to work with. Their expertise and full-service is impeccable. Chandani, my account rep who also put together the financial models, is responsive, communicates well, and is an expert in financials and Excel. Thank you, Marquee!

Vinit Shah , Co-founder at MyStudia

The documents were made really well. Krish has been super understanding and took time to deep dive into small details to deliver a close to reality model. The team was always responsive and Payal has been available whenever we need any help. I did not like the deck design - it was a bit too corporate and wordy. We used the data from their deck and mine to make my original one better. Other than that, the campaign is underway and going well.

Jason LeValley , Publisher/Editor of Psychedelic Scene Magazine

Although the process has not yet finished, Dheemant, Sujata, and Amitoj have been very helpful in building a pitch deck and coming up with a financial plan. They were professional and friendly.

Peter Kissinger , Chairman/CEO

I am especially pleased with the help from Balkis to get our campaign out to potential investors. She has been very responsive and cordial and professional. Earlier I was disappointed with the turnover of personnel on this project. We are now moving forward at a better pace. It's a long road. Thank you!!

Roy Shoshani , VP Business Manager at Sitago

Very professional and attentive team, quick feedbacks and respose. Special thanks to Hardik, Yash and Amitoj !

Ran Ken-Tor , CEO, DermaDetect

Professional work, with the right focus and good capture of our needs. Very good team , and teamwork. response time could be a bit faster.

Jay Carter , COO Precision e8

Yes, I would highly recommend Marquee. Working with Jatan on our documents has been rewarding. The one thing that stood out most was his ability to understand our business and then translate that into the financial documents. That allowed us to present to investors a comprehensive business model that provides us with the best opportunity for funding. Marquee employs a process that provide the greatest chance for funding success. Jatan was excellent to work with and responsive even on a late Friday night. Thanks

David Keller , CEO at Precision e8

Working with Marquee Equity has been a joy. We are only part way through the program, but their systems approach is professional, understandable and efficient. Jatan Kenia in particular, has exceeded our expectations. He is knowledgable, professional, and communicates well. He has worked quickly in helping us arrive at our final Pitch Deck and Financials. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing his skills.

Joe Spann , CEO, Co-Founder at Fifth Avenue Healthcare Services

Working with Marquee has been a delight. Paras Doda, Kshitij Nirjar, and Payal Punn were very professional and knowledgeable. They asked very astute questions and succeeded in producing a thorough financial model and a very good pitch deck. We are already getting compliments on the quality of the work.

Dennis Miller , Owner Dennis Miller Selections

Working with "Marquee Equity" went way beyond my expectations! From working with Boomika to Jason, everything went smoothly. Jason was very professional and offered insights to my business model that I have no doubt will help me in the future. I feel that I have made a friend in "Marquee Equity" and would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in "kickstarting" their business.

Giorgio , Member

My first interaction with Marquee Equity was with Pradyuman who explained in detail their services and outlined a program to assist our Company raise the initial funds for our project. Subsequently I was introduced to Payal, Tisha and Jatan who have demonstrated professionalism and dedication to my Company as a Client. I find this team to be trustworthy, knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise, professional and most important they maintain an open line of communication during the process. As our Company moves forward and business expands, I will be counting on their knowledge, support and services in the future.

Goldie Smitlener , Member

Efficiency and courtesy

Ajit M , Member

Working with Marquee Equity for various documents for pitch deck was a breeze and professional.Kudos to Dheemant, Rajpal and Shreya for the making the experience wonderful. Thank you guys:)

Mike Schatzman , Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Incredible job and easy to work with

Katerina Barzova , Member

I worked till today with Hardik Ahluwalia, Amitoj Singh and Yashovardhan Bajaj. I'm very satisfied of their professional approach, fast solution for every working issue and must say everything efficient. I'm very happy working with them.

Ted Boyd , Investor-Advisor, Magnifi

Working with the Marquee-Equity is a terrific experience. They are responsive, insightful, knowledgeable and extremely committed to ensuring that we at Magnifi are thoroughly equipped with the tools we need to raise capital in a complex market. Thank you Dheemant, Sujata, Shreya and Amitoj for your collaboration and excellent work!

Stephan , Co-founder & CEO at Shop Like You Give A Damn

I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to working with companies based on the other side of the world as it's just so much harder to figure out if these companies are for real and any good. It's also much harder to do something about the things that might go wrong. However, the Marquee team, in particular Balkis Banu, really did their best for me. They have been a serious and hardworking partner during my round. They reached out to thousands of investors via email and LinkedIn on my behalve, and were able to initiate first contact with a whole bunch. Some more serious than others. Not only that, Balkis always replied super fast, and had helped me where she could. Very helpful. We didn't manage to raise any money for this round, but I'm okay with that, the market is exceptionally tough at the moment. Also, it has been typically hard for companies with our business model (marketplace) to raise. Even so, Balkis offered to continue to help when we open a new round, which is again, a testament to how they want to help you succeed. We will feel ready in a few months and pick up where we lift off. We'll get there. Four stars because we didn't raise yet, but will change to 5 stars as soon as we raise via ME. Thanks Balkis!

Alecia Bolton , Company Owner

Amitoj and Sujata were great helping us develop our investor materials. We took a looooong time to get everything done and they were patient with us. Amitoj especially was happy to go through several versions as we worked through things.

Zane Elgar Almecol-Pharma , CEO - ALMECOL

What impressed me the most is the personal attention my opportunity was afforded. Inputs and recommendations together with a thorough analysis proved invaluable. Marquee has professional people who are willing to go the extra mile. It is with this in mind that I can 100% recommend them to any company who needs to raise funds or simply get professional exposure.

Akira Thompson , Studio Head and Game Director at RainBros

The team at Marquee Equity took a great deal of care and time to understand my business so that we could create the appropriate documents tailored to our needs and specifications. I had the opportunity to work with Sujata who went above and beyond to make sure we were on the same page as far as the contents of what was being delivered and how we should structure the data to tell the story of our company accurately.

Prof. Yaroslav Sergeyev , Founder at The Infinity Computer

I should say that the team of Marquee Equity consisting of Dheemant Surendra, Amitoj Singh, Gopika M Nair, and Sujata Mahajan has made an excellent job with preparing my project (the patented Infinity Computer able to work numerically with different infinite, finite, and infinitesimal numbers) for the outreach and fund raising. Even though the topic is not easy and involves high level mathematical tools they were able to prepare an excellent pitch showing the huge advantages of the new technology without going in technicalities. This is not easy and it is really amazing that they succeeded so well.

Alexei , Member

The Marquee team was super helpful in setting up our documentation. They've got great disposition, they know what they're doing, and they were pretty quick