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How to raise capital: debt or equity?

In order to raise capital for the needs of your business, companies mainly have two types of financing options: equity financing and debt financing.

Equity financing

It requires selling a portion of your company's equity in return for capital. The main advantage of equity financing is that there is no obligation to repay the money you acquired through it. There are no payment debts or interest charges. All entrepreneurs want to run a successful business and provide the equity investors with good returns on their investment.

Debt financing

As the name suggests, it involves borrowing money and paying it back with interest. The most common form of debt financing is a loan. This type of financing sometimes comes with restrictions when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities outside the realm of its core business. The advantages of debt financing are numerous. First, the lender has no control over your business, all the lender expects is timely payments. Next, the interest you pay is tax deductible. Lastly, you can easily forecast your expenses because loan payments do not fluctuate.

How to raise funds to start a business?

We know you are wondering how to raise capital for your business, so we have compiled a list of some fundraising solutions that you can take advantage of.


In order to raise funds for business, this approach is all about tapping into a wide network of people on crowdfunding websites and social media platforms that bring entrepreneurs and investors together.

Friends and family

Anyone investing in your business will come with terms and conditions - ownership, stakes, interest rates, board member role, etc. Family and friends, on the other hand, want to help you.

Angel investors

They are individuals who have high net worth. They invest their money in startups to get high returns or a stake in the business. Angel investors act individually, hence it is their sole decision if they want to invest or not. If your idea resonates with them, the chances of you raising business capital increases by manifold.


An entrepreneur is said to be bootstrapping when he/she starts a self-sustaining business, markets it, and grows it by using limited resources or money. The company is sustained without raising capital from external sources and is funded by their revenues and profits.

Venture capitalists

They are private equity investors who provide capital to companies with high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake. They are often a part of a larger venture capital company who has a board that votes regarding raising capital.


Such loans are intended to help entrepreneurs who may have trouble getting financing from other sources, such as banks or credit unions. Generally the borrower is given the full loan amount by the lender and the borrower has to repay the principal amount plus the interest.

Small Business Administration

The SBA is an autonomous U.S. government agency established to promote the economy by providing assistance to small businesses. Their aim is to provide support to entrepreneurs by raising capital for small businesses.

Banks and Alternative Lending Institutions

In order to raise funds for business, an entrepreneur can get a loan from a bank or go for alternative lending, also referred to as marketplace lending or P2P lending. Any loan that is secured outside of a traditional banking institution is alternative lending. It takes place through online platforms that use technology to bring together borrowers underserved by traditional lending institutions, with loan investors seeking attractive capital generating investments.

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Tips while raising money for a business

Understanding the terms offered to you by investors and lenders that accurately value your company and protect your interests

Maintaining records and keeping a track of your business - big or small. Bookkeeping plays a critical role in fundraising because the first thing investors look at is whether a company’s books are in order or not.

Refining your business pitch and showing how your business stands out plays an integral part. Investors want to know how their money will help you achieve your goals and targets.

Thinking out of the box creative ideas for your fundraising process helps a lot. Planning your unique strategy of reaching out to investors is not as simple as asking for a check, it is a complex strategic process.

What makes you unique is your passion for your business. You should know how to get your target audience excited by communicating your vision clearly

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Case Studies

See how we helped firms in deal sourcing and accelerated their business

Africa-based payment infrastructure provider raised USD $7M

We helped an Africa-based payment infrastructure provider company raise USD $7M from some of the most eminent investors in the USA. Find out how we helped them get investors to become a go-to Fintech company of the African nation.

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USA-based PropTech firm raises USD $50M

We assisted a foldable apartment construction company in the USA raise USD $50M from some of the most renowned investors in the USA. Know how we helped them - right from the documentation stage to the time they bagged the funding.

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