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importance of pitch-deck

The Importance of Pitch Deck for a Startup

Commencing a business gets tougher when you've drained your funds and there are limited resources.Therefore, getting investors on board through your mind boggling business pitch ideas is the only way out. Therefore, through this write-up let's explore some intriguing and valuable information about pitching the investors right

ways to position startup for funding

7 ways to position your startup for funding

What is the recipe of a successful startup? Well, as they say, vision and actions go hand in hand. You should have an out of the box idea and business vision which should be backed up by strategic execution while startup fundraising and excellent products or services....

Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

What’s The Difference Between Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists?

While raising capital via angel investment or venture funding, startups receive financial aid in exchange for equity and may have to forsake some company operational control. Check out the 2022 Guide to Investment with angel investors vs venture capitalists to know which financing model suits your business needs....

seed funding

What is Seed Funding?

Is a brilliant out of the box idea enough for a business to succeed? Of course, not! Seed funding is the first official equity funding stage that will help scale and kickstart your business....

future of venture capital

What is the Future of Venture Capital?

VC remains a lucrative fundraising model for businesses, however, the model is ripe for innovation. In this article we have explored the current state and our prediction of the future of venture capital....

raising venture capital

What Do You Need To Know Before Raising Venture Capital?

Looking to raise capital? Join the many other entrepreneurs in line. Raising venture capital is one of the most complex funding journeys an entrepreneur goes through and only a few ace. Here’s how you can prepare yourself to be the latter. ...

Raising Capital for a Startup

The Basics of Raising Capital for a Startup

As an entrepreneur you can understand how difficult raising capital for business can be. Having an out of the box idea for your startup is not enough, raising capital is the key to kickstart your business....

Fundraising Documents

The Fundraising Documents Founders Should Have Before They Pitch

Imagine being in the conference room with the investors, pitching your business only to find that you don’t have all the necessary fundraising documents. Sounds stressful, doesn’t it? Let us help you. ...

types of mergers and acquisitions

What are the different types of mergers and acquisitions?

Choosing between the different types of mergers and acquisitions while extremely crucial for a business can be a difficult decision. Let us help you make the choice. ...

digital acquisition

The era of digital acquisition

Digital merger and acquisition is changing how firms have been approaching the process in the era of digitalization. Know more about this change in trend. ...

Fund Raising Via Private Placement

The Ease of Fund Raising Via Private Placement of Shares

The growth of the private placement market has led to an easier fund raising process with improved standardization of documentation, visibility of pricing as well as increased capacity for financings. So, the private placement market can accommodate transactions as small as $10 million and as large as $1-$2 billion. ...

fundraising trends

What are the top fundraising trends in private equity?

Fundraising trends in private equity is on an unprecedented rise. The trends show that the current state of fundraising has already reached the pre-covid state. Know about the trends here....


How To Rise Above The Noise When Raising Capital

Confused about how to rise above the noise while raising capital for your business? We got you covered! In this write-up, we share the best practices that will help you raise capital, leverage your networks and create a compelling business pitch....

de-risk a startup

How to de-risk a startup to become investment-friendly?

De-risking a startup is what new entrepreneurs need to launch a successful business right off the ground. Moreover, it helps them get closer to getting startup funding. With over 90% of startups failing in a few years after their launch, de-risking is something that can help lower this percentage....

Short-term and Long-term financing

Short-term and Long-term financing: A pocket guide for businesses

A company, especially one at a growing stage, requires funds. It could be to get help with hiring activities, to buy inventory,...

409A Valuation

What is a 409A Valuation and When Should You Get it?

In a startup, salaries tend to take up a huge portion of the cash flow. However, it is unquestionable that in order...