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Staying Ahead of Fundraising Trends: Insights for 2024

"In our quest to make a meaningful impact, staying ahead of the fundraising curve is imperative. As we approach 2024, fundraising is evolving rapidly. Donor behaviors, technology, and social issues are catalysts of this transformation. Join us to explore strategies and insights vital for success in 'Staying Ahead of Fundraising Trends: Insights for 2024.'"

By teammarquee . October 27, 2023

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If you have been following the fundraising trends for a while, you would know that the landscape is rapidly changing. This change in fundraising trends is greatly attributed to the changes in technology, habits and the economy.

The fundraising industry faced yet another tough year in 2023. Several variables, including geopolitical developments and the fallout from the worldwide epidemic, brought on the cost-of-giving crisis. While there was marginal growth in investors from 2021 to 2022, the first quarter of 2023 saw an outsized decline in investors, and VC firms were faced with the challenge of managing dwindling budgets, which led to many innovations in fundraising.

Key Investment Trends for 2024

Here are some of the emerging fundraising practices and some key trends for startups in 2023-24:

  • ●  Increased focus on impact investing. One major insight into 2024 funding trends is the growing interest of investors in startups that are making a positive social or environmental impact. ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing trend will continue to be the future of fundraising strategies in 2024.
  • ●  Rise of venture debt. Venture debt is a type of financing that startups can use to fund their growth. It is typically less expensive than equity financing, but it also comes with more risk. Venture debt is expected to become increasingly popular in 2023-24, as startups look for alternative ways to raise capital.
  • ●  Growth of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms offer another modern fundraising method, allowing startups to raise money from a large number of small investors. This is a great option for startups that are unable to raise money from traditional investors. Crowdfunding platforms will continue to serve the fundraising landscape in 2024.
  • ●  More investment in early-stage startups. Another 2024 investor expectations involve an increased willingness of investors to invest in early-stage startups. This is because the cost of starting a business has decreased significantly in recent years. As a result, there are more high-quality early-stage startups than ever before.
  • Greater diversity among investors and founders. There is a growing diversity in the venture capital industry. This is leading to more investment in startups founded by women and minorities. Additionally, more women and minorities are becoming investors themselves.

Overall, the fundraising landscape for startups is expected to be favorable in 2023-24. Investors are increasingly looking to invest in startups that are making a positive impact, and there are several alternative financing options available to startups.

Tips for Successful Fundraising in 2023-24

Based on the new emerging fundraising trends in 2023, here are some tips to help startups raise funding effortlessly

1. The Significance of Online Engagement

According to Twilio’s digital engagement report, a staggering 65% of nonprofit interactions now occur through digital channels. We live in a time where we must adapt to fundraising changes. While for some investors, print materials may still be relevant, digital engagement has reached an all-time high.

Interestingly, online engagement is not limited to the younger generations. Therefore, if you are a startup looking to raise funds, then optimizing your online engagement tools becomes crucial for you to maintain the interest of your supporters.

2. Emphasizing Personalization

A critical aspect of fundraising trends in 2024 is building strong relationships with your investors. To do this, you must gain a deep understanding of the investors you’re targeting. Different investors have varying levels of interest in particular startups and respond to them differently.

Attend startup conferences, as it can be a great way to meet investors in your domain and learn about the latest trends in the startup industry. You can also attend specifically designed investor summits that allow investors and startup founders to meet each other.

3. Leveraging AI for Fundraising

Recent technological advancements, including AI capabilities in tools like Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and Salesforce, are here to stay and can greatly assist fundraisers. These tech innovations in fundraising must be seen as a supplementary resource rather than a replacement for your essential work.

AI will soon become one of the key drivers of fundraising success in 2024. It can help startups optimize their fundraising efforts by providing valuable data to help target investors, sending reminders to keep them engaged, aiding in the creation of grant proposals, and more. While AI can streamline processes and save time, it should always be used in conjunction with your expertise, as no chatbot can fully replace your fundraising insight.

4. The assistance of Generative AI

In 2024, generative AI is expected to be one of the most talked-about technologies. It has many uses and has the potential to revolutionize fundraising. Although the information produced by generative AI may not be very creative or readable, it may continue to grow at a very high pace. It may become one of the cutting-edge fundraising techniques shortly.

Additionally, the changing dynamics of fundraising indicate that generative AI can improve chatbots by giving contributors round-the-clock, always-available helpChatbots may provide users with pertinent information and respond to inquiries, which improves the accessibility and effectiveness of the fundraising process.

Additionally, AI can also be used to automate tedious and repetitive processes like processing investments, maintaining investor databases, planning recurring messages, or finding potential contributors via social platforms.

In 2024, generative AI is expected to be a big thing since it can automate many parts of strategic fundraising approaches, expand one’s audience, and boost productivity.

5. Multigenerational Thinking

Younger generations are deeply concerned about shaping the world they will inherit. This means there is potential for new investors everywhere, but reaching them requires adapting to fundraising changes. The next generation of investors expects to find their causes active on platforms like Instagram instead of receiving direct mail from their favored causes.

To engage the newest generation of investors, maintaining a robust social media presence is crucial. However, it’s equally important not to abandon your direct mail strategy. Being multifaceted in your approach and adopting these 2024 investment predictions can help you reach out to investors across different generations.


Overall, fundraising trends in 2023 are more favorable for startups than in previous years, which also set better predictions for fundraising success in 2024. Startups now have more fundraising opportunities in 2024, and investors are more interested in investing in startups that are making a positive impact.

By keeping these 2024 fundraising insights in mind as you refine your fundraising strategy for the remainder of the year, you are more likely to achieve your year-end goals without compromising on originality and innovation.

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Technology is instrumental in shaping and advancing fundraising strategies. It facilitates online fundraising platforms, data analysis for donor targeting, and efficient payment processing. Technology enables organizations to reach a broader audience, streamline operations, and adapt to changing donor behaviors, ensuring fundraising efforts remain effective and relevant in a digital age.

In 2024, fundraising is expected to witness trends like increased use of blockchain and NFTs in philanthropy, augmented reality (AR) fundraising experiences, and a growing emphasis on sustainability and social impact. Donors may seek greater transparency and interactive engagement, influencing nonprofits to adopt innovative strategies.

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