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Seed Stage Startup valuation

3 Tips to Value your Seed Stage Startup for Successful Fundraising

Interactions with more than 100+ startups every week has made me realize that most of the founders are concerned about their business valuation. This is because raising capital successfully in the initial stages is directly proportional to the accuracy of their startup valuation. So, let’s understand how business valuation predominates the capital funding process at the seed-stage


Crowdfunding vs. Angel Investing : How to Raise Money for Your Startup?

How to choose between crowdfunding and angel investing for your startup? You need to understand the difference between the two types of funding and their respective pros and cons and reach an informed decision that is best suited for your business....

ways to position startup for funding

7 ways to position your startup for funding

What is the recipe of a successful startup? Well, as they say, vision and actions go hand in hand. You should have an out of the box idea and business vision which should be backed up by strategic execution while startup fundraising and excellent products or services....