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Australian Fintech company raising Series B


Fintech is one the leading industries across the nations, which is why countries like Australia experience rapid increase in the number of Fintech startups in the past few years. Our team came in contact with a 7 years old FinTech Company in Australia offering a unified suite of digital financial products. They were looking for assistance in raising around $20 million for their already established business and were aware of funding intricacies. They had already raised $8M in their Series A funding round

“In our initial interactions with the FinTech Company, we deduced that the company already has a strong customer base and were passionate about setting unachievable benchmarks for the competition. We saw the magnanimous potential that the company had and were instantly on our heels to assist them in resolving some of the underlying issues that they were facing. – Ash Narain CMO, Marquee Equity

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The Market

The Fintech Industry has shown tremendous growth in Australia in the previous 5 years. There are a diverse range of startups entering the industry. In 2021, despite the offsets faced by the outburst of the global pandemic, 17% fintechs reported an improvement in their relationships with banks and financial institutions. Currently Australia is home to approximately 800 startups, adhering to the needs of clients and providing services such as digital payments, e-wallets, payment platforms etc. 

From a $250M industry in 2015, The Fintech Industry in Australia has now reached a landmark of $4Billion in 2021, making it one of the most prospering industries in the country. Since the circumstances were favorable for the emerging startups and small businesses, our client was all set to leverage these opportunities. With a little support in networking and documentation, they were able to raise $20M in a short span of 10 months.

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