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German Healthtech Company Raising $3M


Technological advancement has revolutionized and transformed the healthcare industry. From diagnosing illness to using wearables with ingestible sensors, all features harness the power of mobile apps in order to improve patient treatment. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet and has become a way of life leading the healthcare mobile apps to pave their way towards tremendous growth. 

Every individual all over the globe understands the importance of physical and mental well being. When we had a discussion with the founder of an emerging German healthcare company, we knew that the market requirement for digital healthcare technologies is at its peak. 

“When we met, we were intrigued and inspired by the passion he had for the healthcare sector with a vision to improve the quality of people’s lives. Having said that, the pandemic drastically increased the demand for AI based health apps so we knew it was the perfect time to prepare a perfect business pitch.”  – Ash Narain, CMO, Marquee Equity

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The Market

Advancements of AI in healthcare can be extremely beneficial to both healthcare providers as well as patients when used in – improving care, chronic disease management, early risk identification, workflow automation and optimization. With the help of a healthcare app, you can find a doctor, book an appointment and view all your medical test reports from the comfort of your home. Being able to video call doctors and nutritionists to discuss health issues online is a blessing. 

The below mentioned numbers show how adaptive consumers are towards healthtech and with our client’s business model and vision, they were already several steps closer to getting funded. 

  • Medical app downloads grew 50% year-over-year — spurred by demand for COVID-tracing and telehealth apps. Downloads surpassed 3.2  billion across mobile healthcare apps.
  • In 2020 the funding by investors in the digital health industry totalled 21.6 billion U.S. dollars – which is the largest amount so far.
  • It is projected that the global digital health market will see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.9% from 2020 to 2027, when it will reach $833.44 billion.
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