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UAE Health Tech Company Raising $5M


Wellbeing and fitness industry is the one sector that has come into the limelight ever since the COVID pandemic hit us. While always in focus, the lockdown made people more conscious about their mental and physical wellbeing. We recently sat down with the CEO of a 2 year old fitness and wellbeing firm operative in Dubai. He had created a platform where the user would get a guided session on both fitness and mental wellbeing right in their homes. 

“When we met with the founder and talked about their model, the first thing that we noticed was how truly passionate they were about the sector and the extensive amount of research they have put behind it. We knew that what they had made was genuinely investment friendly and that is where our efforts started.” – Ash Narain, CMO, Marquee Equity.

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The Market

The health and fitness market has been on a growth drive across the globe for a long time now. In the UAE alone, it is poised to reach more than $600 million by the time we hit 2025. The market size is so prominent that it will contribute to over $36.5 million in revenue in the same time period. 

There are a number of factors that have come to back these numbers, the most primary one of them being COVID. It was reported that the pandemic brought along a 10% rise in membership for on-demand fitness and wellbeing classes in 2021 alone, a sign that people became more aware of their health and the need to exercise in this said time period. 

For a market with these promising numbers and our client’s business model, they were already several steps closer to getting funded.

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