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UK Food & Beverages Company Raising $2M


The food and beverage industry in the UK is highly competitive. There are thousands of firms involved in the F&B sector across multiple forms. Our team sat with a 7 years old food and beverage company providing technology powered manufacturing of food items, ensuring that the process is authentic and transparent. They were looking for funding facilitation support of around $2 million. When they came to us, they had an established customer base and an innovative business model, which had the recipe for success. 

“The moment we sat down with the F&B firm, we knew that they had the zeal to become a ruling business and were prepared to ace the competition. We wanted to help them get the maximum investor attention so that they could solve the many evident transparent issues in the sector.” Ash Narain, CMO, Marquee Equity.

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The Market

The food and beverage industry is the UK’s biggest manufacturing sector and is a key part of a complex, diverse supply chain network. According to several government reports, the food and drink manufacturing companies play a role in the economy a lot more than the UK’s manufacturing sectors which include both aerospace and automotive. 

The UK market exports food and drink to more than 220 countries and territories across the global scale, while being a contributor in the region’s employment space with over 4.3 million people being employed in the sector. Noting the way the sector is shaping, it is poised to grow in the years to come. 

For a firm that operates in the UK food and beverage sector, our client was always closer to getting funded, all they needed was a little support in networking.

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