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US AgriTech company raising $4m


There was a time when technology and agriculture were at the opposite ends of the value chain spectrum. But not anymore. Agriculture is the largest source of livelihoods in India. It accounted for 23% of GDP, and employed 59% of the country’s total workforce in 2016. 

When we sat down with the founder of an emerging US/India AgriTech firm, we knew instantly that helping indoor farms achieve superior crop outputs would be a great idea and would allure a lot of investors. 

“When the AgriTech brand reached out to Marquee Equity they were looking for an end to end fundraising support. They wanted to decode the hacks to attract investors, and work with a team of world class analysts to build their pitches & business models. We provided them just the same and more. And the result is in front of you.” – Ash Narain, CMO, Marquee Equity


Marquee are some of the best. They are very helpful and very professional in what they do. 10/10

Garret Temple, Founder, ViBeam

Deal Origination

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The Market

As the global population reaches 7.9 billion in November 2022, and is estimated to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, food security has become a top concern across the world. The urgency for action also needs to address the scarcity of resources, distortions in distribution and access, and the need to expand agriculture outputs.

The above mentioned projections and trends show how adaptive consumers are going to be in India/US and across the globe towards an AgriTech company that would contribute in helping towards scaling resources. 

  • The overall agritech ecosystem witnessed a revenue growth of approximately 85 percent during FY 2019-20.
  • A study by Bain & Company pegs the Indian agritech market potential at US $35 billion by 2025.
  • The agritech market is broadly segmented into five major regions—North America, Europe, APAC, MEA, and SAM. In terms of market share, the North America region dominated the agritech market in 2019.

Looking at the state of the market and our client’s idea and business model, they were already several steps closer to getting funded.

The Ask

There is no denying the fact that with the infusion of technologies such as machine learning and data analytics, among others, farmers will be enabled to maximize their output. We had an idea that would transform the world and eliminate the scarcity of resources. We reached out to Marquee Equity because we needed access to the most relevant investors for our business ”

Founder,  AgriTech firm

When the AgriTech team contacted us, they were looking for USD 4 million in a 5 month timeline. Our first step was to understand their business model, the market requirement, target audience and competitive analysis. Once we had the required data in place, we initiated the electronic outreach program that is quantity focused outreach via email and LinkedIn with more than 500 investors connected per week.

Deal Origination

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The Response

After completing the documentation on our client’s behalf, we crafted the perfect pitch to promote their business model. We then circulated this pitch to multiple investors in our network that were best suited for them, in multiple personalized formats. Further ensuring that they had a complete creative look into what the AgriTech firm was all about and why they should invest in it. 

The result? We got multiple email responses from the investors looking for a pitch deck and scheduling a call with the firm. 

Once we entered the discussion stage, it took 5 months to raise the $4 million worth of funds.

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Marquee Equity understands the importance of leveraging the technology in conventional sectors such as agriculture to ensure higher yields and avoid food security issues. By helping the companies in raising required capital at higher valuation, Marquee Equity contributes towards the promotion of such interesting amalgamations. The talented team of marquee does the company’s valuation, conducts market research and undergo strategy formulating sessions with the clients in order to assist the companies in raising capital effectively.

The team at Marquee Equity is well acquainted with the nervousness and excitement of the first time fundraisers. Marquee Equity helps such clients by preparing necessary documentation and creating unique pitch decks that can gauge the interest of the investors. The team also helps the business owners in preparing for the FAQ round which is post the pitch deck presentation and also creates a positive impression of the company before they actually meet the investors through their personalized and professional email pitches. In all the team at Marquee provides end-to-end guidance and assistance to the fundraisers.
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