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US AI Company Raising $4M


The modern-day enterprises are getting smarter every day. Whether it is through a smart HRMS system or through a model that makes customer interactions intuitive and predictable, businesses are using different forms of digitalization to make processes smarter and efficient. A few days ago, we met with the founder of the B2B firm using Artificial Intelligence for analyzing the digital engagements happening between businesses and their existing customer base. The idea of the software was to identify the trends shaping up in those interactions and how they would impact the businesses. 

“When we sat with founder and talked about their model, we found it to be revolutionary. After all, how many times have an existing client gotten upset because of a conversation they had with the brand executives? Well, it is more frequent than we would like to accept. So when we heard what the model would do, we knew it had the potential to change the face of customer service, especially when retention is in focus.”  – Ash Narain, CMO, Marquee Equity


We engaged Marquee Equity to assist us with a $3-$5MM Equity Growth Capital Funding We engaged Marquee Equity to assist us with a $3-$5MM equity growth fund raise. They have been a pleasure to work with from the start as we have compiled the marketing documents, pitch deck and determined the valuation by working together. Their work has been excellent to date and we are looking forward to expeditiously raising our desired equity funding by working together with our Marquee Team to complete the process! Rick Burtner, Founder, President & CEO and Serial Tech Entrepreneur Propel GPS-IOT, LLC

Rick Burtner, President & CEO, Propel GPS

Deal Origination

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The Market

By the time we reach 2024, on a global scale, 57% businesses are planning to implement AI in their service set. A percentage that ranges from multiple use cases like improving customer segments, preparing targeted real-time deals, dynamic landing pages, and programmatic advertising, etc. 

One thing which is present in the range of AI-driven business applications is the role it is playing in the customer-facing or focused segments. Businesses, across categories are using the data analysis and processing power of AI to create better user journeys and experiences with the brand. 

Amidst this, our client came up with a model where they could track down digital interactions between clients and executives to ultimately redefine retention. Now, for the business world which is ripe for AI adoption, the model was prepared to be a success.

The Ask

The product which we have built has been tested to address and in many ways solve the rising retention issue every business sector faces. Now, while we understand that there is no sure-shot solution to it, our model is prepared to highlight the flaws so that customer-facing teams rectify them when there’s time. While we had fifties of businesses and hundreds of executives vouching for the product and how it has helped them, we were looking to translate this market validation into funding. And Marquee came in for our full support in this endeavour.” – Founder, the AI product firm

What the founders were looking for when they contacted us was facilitation support. They wanted $4 million in funding to build upon their product further, partner with top B2B automation platforms, add more features around predictive customer support, etc. 

Our team sat with them to first fully understand their USPs, the limitations in their model which they wanted to solve through funding, and what they had that would hold investors’ attention. Once we gathered that data, we went on to look for investors who were most likely to invest in the product and give mentoring support. 

With the list now ready, we commenced the investor outreach program by sending them emails and calling them. The intent of this entire activity for us was to not just help them get funded but also help them build a reliable network of investors who would act more like their partners.

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The Response

Once we had sent out all the emails, we went to give finishing touches to all the paperwork and the business deck. In T+3 days, our emails were filled with responses seeking pitch decks and for scheduling a call with the firm’s founder. 

Once we reached the stage where the discussion between the investors and the firm started, it took somewhere around 7 months to get the asked funding. Having raised the funding, the firm is today building a team of AI enthusiasts to grow their business. Moreover, they have added more predictive and preventative feature sets to make the platform fit for a range of business sectors, with different client interaction models.

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