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Marquee Equity’s Mergers and Acquisitions specialists provide end to end valuation, buyer targeting, outreach, negotiation and deal closing support

Deal Origination

Making the Mergers and Acquisitions process efficient

Mergers and Acquisitions are highly complex transactions, each type brings its own unique challenges. You will need the right amount of experience, insight and assistance on your side to ensure that the deal delivers its utmost value.


Mergers and Acquisitions Services

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Deal Origination
Mergers and acquisitions strategy and planning

Creating a strategy is all about understanding what the acquiree expects to achieve. It also involves identifying the potential target companies that will be the best fit.

Valuation analysis

The acquiree has to come up with substantial information regarding their financial and business models, etc. This will help them understand the value or worth of their business.

Deal Origination
Deal Origination
Negotiations between parties

After the valuation analysis and outreach, the acquirer presents an initial offer to the company. This is the beginning of the negotiation between the two parties in terms of operational and business processes.

Mergers and acquisition due diligence

It is an essential process that allows the buyer to confirm pertinent information about the seller like - customers, finances, liabilities and assets. Due diligence generally commences when the letter of intent is signed between both parties.

Deal Origination
Deal Origination
Purchase agreement

Both the parties will make a final decision and a purchase and sale agreement will be created. It can take the form of a merger agreement, tender offer document, or a stock or asset purchase agreement.

Deal closure and integration

Mergers and acquisitions firms focus on this process because once the deal is signed off, both companies should work together. It should be their aim to maximize synergy in order to ensure that the deal lives up to its predicted value.

Deal Origination
Deal Origination

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Our Process

Go through our step by step process to understand what we can help you achieve.


Call with a Marquee Equity M&A specialist


Marquee M&A specialist does a valuation & analysis of the business


Creating a no-name teaser helps one scrutinise the market without risking their reputation


Crafting a compelling pitch deck and information memorandum is essence and our analysts help you throughout the process


Foreseeing 1 year financial plan is not enough, we help you create a 5-10 years financial projection


We help creating any other due diligence documents that give a clear picture for a business transaction


Buyer identification, targeting and outreach in order to find the perfect fit for your business from our database of 200,000 acquirers


Marquee Equity analyst conducts an introductory call with acquirer to understand intent and discuss transaction


Direct Introduction of the acquiree to the acquirer


Marquee presents multiple interested buyers for you to choose from to get the highest valuation/multiple


Follow-ups and transaction negotiations to come up with a deal that both the buyer and seller are comfortable with


Sealing the deal when both parties are satisfied with the outcome

How do we stand out?

Use our world leading data and technology to accelerate the mergers and acquisitions process.

200,000+ acquirers available on one platform

Use our extensive data on 200,000+ companies that have made acquisitions in the past to target the right buyers, find relevant comparables and drive down the right valuation on a deal.

Explore buyer interest on a no-name basis

Our managed service platform helps you explore the market. We help you create a no name document and explore the buyers in order to get an idea about the valuation of your company without risking your reputation.

Machine learning enabled technology

Data driven analysis powered by machine learning helps generate the most relevant buyers. When we look for the best deals, we do a thorough investigation to make sure that we satisfy the needs of our clients and come up with opportunities that are in our client’s best interests. We use email sequences, auto follow ups and auto detection to contact the companies in case of no response.

Pre screened buyers

Your time is of utmost importance to us and you can only speak to our pre screened buyers. Not limited by personal relationships, get introduced to 5x more buyers than traditional M&A services.

Whitelist and blacklist of buyers

We provide a customised experience best suited for you. You can give us a list of companies that you want us to target and we will find you the relevant contact in the white list provided. Similarly, you can provide a blacklist of companies that you do not want us to consider.

Speed matters

Our M&A specialists are constantly working to deliver the best results and get back to you within 12 hours. We offer 360* support and have deep working knowledge of all aspects of corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, transaction advisory and valuations. We can find you a buyer within 36 hours and get you on the negotiation table within a week

Expertise intertwined with experience

Expert knowledge is nothing without years of experience. All our teams have an extensive spectrum of experience by working on multiple challenging projects. We have worked through deal sizes, round stages, geographies and sectors - we’ve handled 3,000+ transactions across continents.

Case Studies

Our work speaks for itself and we are proud of it.

Africa-based payment infrastructure provider raised USD $7M

We helped an Africa-based payment infrastructure provider company raise USD $7M from some of the most eminent investors in the USA. Find out how we helped them get investors to become a go-to Fintech company of the African nation.

View Full Case Study
Intriguing buyers with compelling documentation

Our financial experts provide strategic decisions & transactions that are a best fit for your business. Find out how we craft a compelling pitch deck, financial plan and projection that convert into interested party responses.

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Companies consider mergers & acquisition services to increase the wealth of their shareholders. Generally, a successful merger results in a profitable exit. Sometimes companies choose to explore acquisition opportunities for other reasons such as running out of capital, board compulsions, potential strategic fits, etc

The M&A process can be extremely challenging and this is where merger and acquisition consulting firms step in. They consult, guide and coach their clients through these transformative and intimidating corporate decisions for a fee in order to bring in much needed expertise on the table.

An M&A deal is successful when it offers both the acquirer and acquiree with the desirable outcomes. These outcomes include - increased revenue and customer base, target market, expanded technology capabilities and skill sets within the teams, further providing a more holistic service to the customers.

Marquee Equity is a managed service platform that provides 200,000+ acquirers available on one platform. We provide special features such as pre-screened buyers, whitelist and blacklist options, explore buyer interest on a no-name basis, machine learning enabled technology and 360* support. We can find you a buyer within 36 hours and get you on the negotiation table within a week.

An M&A transaction usually involves various key phases such as - valuation and analysis, creating no name teaser, creating pitch deck and information memorandum, creating 5 to 10 years financial projection, buyer identification and targeting, buyer outreach, introductory call with analyst, introduction to buyer, transaction negotiation and finally, deal closing.

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