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Biotech Company Closes $1.8M


Funding in the biotech industry is one of the most pivoted aspects of the investment sector. Biotech companies are the frontrunners in the development of drugs targeting COVID-19. For instance, just after 8 months when the first case of the virus was identified, Gilead Sciences, Inc. received the U.S. FDA approval for antiviral Remdesivir for the treatment of patients.

When the Italy biotech team reached out to us, they were looking to raise $1.8 million capital at the seed stage. 

When we sat together, he wanted to contribute to the world of biotechnology and make the world a better place. The team was oriented towards modernizing the drug regulatory pathway, standardizing clinical studies and speeding up the product approval process. The fact that they had their focus set straight and their research on point made us believe that raising capital won’t be very difficult for their organization.” – Ash Narain, founder Marquee.


Professional approach Overall, professionally managed campaign and preparation. Some amount of rework was required for the campaign materials, but that was swiftly dealt with by their can-do attitude.

Harri Paloheimo, Coreorient

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The Market

The global biotechnology market size was valued at USD 752.88 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.83% from 2021 to 2028. The market is driven by favorable government initiatives owing to the growth of the biotechnology sector in various countries.  Around 4 out of every 10 drugs are biotech derived, which can be attributed to the growing demand for orphan drugs and personalized medicine.

Moreover, the expansion of the biotech industry’s involvement with diagnostic companies, drug manufacturers, research laboratories, and multinational pharmaceutical companies for developing therapeutic molecules to target COVID-19 is contributing to the market growth. 

For example: In March 2020, Pfizer Inc. entered into a collaboration with BioNTech SE for the development of BNT162, COVID-19 vaccine candidate. BioNTech SE developed the vaccine using mRNA technology for the rapid development of the vaccine.

So, what worked for us was that the biotech market was experiencing a huge bloom and our client’s idea of a biotech company that would contribute to the market.

The Ask

When we came to Marquee, we were looking for funding support. We wanted to partner with angel investors that had an inclination and experience towards the biotech industry. We were beyond impressed with the work Marquee put behind the investor outreach and finding the perfect potential investors. Marquee has exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Marquee if you are in need of outreach to potential investors.” – Founder, Biotech company

The biotech team came to us looking for a seed fund of $1.8 million within 4 months. At the time, the direction of the market was on our side and that made the outreach campaign a little easier. But now our only challenge was to craft a perfect pitch for them and to make sure that we adhere to the timeline given by our client.

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The Response

The outreach program that we ran sparked conversations with 160+ investors and garnered interest from investors headquartered in over 8 countries. The outreach efforts that we put in behind getting capital had some amazing responses.

Further, meetings were secured with sought after investors like Fifty years, Harlem Capital, Differential Ventures, Digitalis Ventures, JVP and many more. As a result, the biotech team was able to secure $1.8 million worth of funds within 3 months of Marquee Equity’s campaign.

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