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Spain based LegalTech company raising $1M


Project management in the legal sector can be challenging. Historically, lawyers and case workers have been relying on folders and old-school templates for managing the different cases. The result? Delay in tracking updates, unfilled paperworks, and a lack of clarity on the case details. 

Our client took it upon themselves to change the scenario. They came up with a legal project management software which makes case handling efficient. It was aimed at dividing projects into small tasks with a clarity on the stakeholders and the timelines. The software, in many ways, defined what digitalization looks like in the legal sector, marking its role in the legaltech – the domain that has established itself to be the best merger of law and technology. 

When the client came to us, they were looking for funding facilitation support. What we found fund-friendly with their software was their subscription model and the range of services they were packaging in one software. The rates that they had kept made it convenient for even small-scale legal firms to digitalize their legal processes. This ensured that they had a good market base to work with along with.” – Ash Narain, founder Marquee.


We could not be more thrilled with our decision to use Marquee Equity to reach out to potential investors. The service was quick, professional, and effective. One of the investors we reached via Marquee's efforts has now participated in the latest raise and we got many more calls and leads from the outreach conducted by Marquee.I would use again and would highly recommend to anyone in need of mass reaching investors in a professional and efficient way.

Patricia J Montesi, Co-Founder and CEO, Qolo United States

Deal Origination

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The Market

The legaltech market is poised to generate a revenue of 25.17 billion U.S. dollars by the time we hit 2025. A number which is primarily the doing of the millenial generation that is well versed with technology. 

Ob a geographical level, North America and Europe have been the pioneers in legal tech, with almost every area been the home to a wide range of companies bettering the legal services sector. The demand for legal tech in these areas have been fostered by multiple players, like law firms who use tech strategies, startups building innovative and new solutions. 

Amidst these facts what was working for our clients was – a combination of an innovative business idea and a legal tech friendly geographical location with ample opportunities for growth.

The Ask

What we were looking for when we contacted Marquee was their help in getting us connected with investors who would partner with us. We were seeking $1 million in funds to help with expanding our feature sets and the market. The Marquee team came to us as an amazing support system. They didn’t just help us with the documentation but also shared our story in the most innovative manner to the investors.” – Founder, the LegalTech company

What the clients were looking for was $1 million in funds. An ask that we had to align with the business economies. What our team did was that we prepared their business documents and collaterals – finances, market study, product working, customer review, etc. and converted them into both digestible and data-intensive manner. 

Once we had that in the backend we went on to send out emails, LinkedIn messages and Inmails, and made calls to investors. The process we used when finalizing the investors whom we would reach out to, was looking into ones that had an inclination towards SaaS products. The intent was to get them the asked funding amount in limited time. 

Deal Origination

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The Response

With the documents ready and a strategic outreach startegy in place, we went on to send out hundreds of emails to our investor network. 

Out of these, we got over 400+ positive response with a majority of them asking for deck and business documents. And in a time span of 8 months they got the funding amount they asked for. 

Today, the software have been added with a range of technologies making it all the more accessible to the legal firms. 

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Marquee Equity interacts with the companies understanding the goals that’s to be achieved in the upcoming years and underlying expenses along with that Marquee Equity does a systematic valuation of the companies in order to ascertain the exact amount to be raised at the highest valuation possible.

Yes, Marquee Equity helps the companies in the valuation process as well as the analysis of the business valuation.
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