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Spain based LegalTech company raising $1M


Project management in the legal sector can be challenging. Historically, lawyers and case workers have been relying on folders and old-school templates for managing the different cases. The result? Delay in tracking updates, unfilled paperworks, and a lack of clarity on the case details. 

Our client took it upon themselves to change the scenario. They came up with a legal project management software which makes case handling efficient. It was aimed at dividing projects into small tasks with a clarity on the stakeholders and the timelines. The software, in many ways, defined what digitalization looks like in the legal sector, marking its role in the legaltech – the domain that has established itself to be the best merger of law and technology. 

When the client came to us, they were looking for funding facilitation support. What we found fund-friendly with their software was their subscription model and the range of services they were packaging in one software. The rates that they had kept made it convenient for even small-scale legal firms to digitalize their legal processes. This ensured that they had a good market base to work with along with.” – Ash Narain, founder Marquee.

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The Market

The legaltech market is poised to generate a revenue of 25.17 billion U.S. dollars by the time we hit 2025. A number which is primarily the doing of the millenial generation that is well versed with technology. 

Ob a geographical level, North America and Europe have been the pioneers in legal tech, with almost every area been the home to a wide range of companies bettering the legal services sector. The demand for legal tech in these areas have been fostered by multiple players, like law firms who use tech strategies, startups building innovative and new solutions. 

Amidst these facts what was working for our clients was – a combination of an innovative business idea and a legal tech friendly geographical location with ample opportunities for growth.

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