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US based PropTech Company raising $50M


The architecture world is ever growing, with new offerings being launched every day. While there are some advancements focused at catching attention, there are others which promote better living. One such sector that is getting a lot of popularity in the modern times is economical, sustainable construction. 

There is a growing demand for businesses that provide design, construction, and installation of economical houses which doesn’t just use sustainable raw material but also solves the issue of homelessness. The provision of sustainable, economically sound property construction is what the world needs right now. 

So when the founders of a foldable house company came to us looking for funding support, we know that when we talk about innovation and market size, they had amazing chances of getting funded. They had an already established business where they were designing layout, procuring and building foldable houses made of sustainable material, and installing them in different locations – all at extremely affordable rates.  

When we sat with the firm’s founder to understand their business and how sound they were, we realized that their offering was not just innovative but also solved some key social issues related to housing. The houses were easily moveable, were made of sustainable products, very affordable, and took up very little property space. All in all, they were fit for getting funding on multiple grounds.” – Ash Narain, CEO, Marquee.


Marquee has exceeded my expectations in setting up introductions to potential investors. The team at Marquee are detailed and willing to go the extra mile in customer service. I am very happy with their service and I would highly recommend Marquee if you are in need of outreach to potential investors.

David Tran, President, The Terra Fund, San Francisco Bay Area

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The Market

Foldable houses are a very new concept. And what is best about a new concept that addresses the masses is that even though the market size is small, it offers promises of growth. What is working in the favour of foldable houses is that Elon Musk owns one and has also invested in the sector. 

Now, we know how when a tech giant or a serial investor puts their money in a sector, its value automatically increases. This is what we are seeing happening with the foldable house domain. So even though there are no statistics or growth charts to define its success today, it is bound to become a highly in-demand property option in the time to come. 

The Ask

When we reached out to Marquee, we were primarily looking for a firm that deals with next-generation, unconventional brands. We wanted the firm we partner with for investor relationships to be passionate about our project and the far-reaching impact it was creating. And we are glad we made the choice of partnering with Marquee. The team didn’t just get excited about what we did but also guided us on pitching as we were a new brand with very little competition in the market.” – Founder, the foldable houses firm.

What the executive team at the foldable house company was looking for was a funding of $50 million. They wanted to use the money to partly use in research and development of how to make the construction more sustainable and economically sound and partly to expand their business – both in locations and operations. 

So, for Marquee, our modus operandi was to find investors with some experience or portfolio in construction. For someone with construction-line experience would have helped the firm make current decisions pertaining to the business economics side of things. What we did to find out the list of prospective investors was look through our database made up of thousands of investors to see who would be the best fit. Next, we initiated our outreach program, where we sent out emails and made calls to them.

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The Response

When we initiated the outreach campaign, we validated what we knew. Foldable houses was a concept that investors would show a keen interest in. In just T+3 days of sending the email, we got a minimum of 500 responses from investors asking for financials and decks. 

This, in turn, led to the discussion stage where the firm is now with the investors. With the way the discussion is moving, we are sure they will get the ask amount in very less stipulated time. 

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