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US payments software 2M A round


With everything getting digitized, one can bid adieu to the conventional queues to pay bills and make payments. With an aim of helping businesses and business professionals in providing a better bill pay experience, we had an intriguing experience working with PayGround. In our initial interactions with the company we realized that the company needed $2Million in the next 7 months to improve their software integration and UI. 

The business was generating lucrative revenues and the business model was exceptional. They reached out to the team of Marquee Equity and conveyed their expectation and the trust they had on the experienced team of Marquee Equity. 

“In our initial interactions with the company, we discovered that the business model had huge potential to compete, even outreach, its competitors. We were genuinely impressed by the amount of research and dedication the company had put into their business model and gladly accepted to assist them in raising funds for their business.” – Ash Narain, CMO, Marquee Equity


My experience with Marquee Equity has been wonderful… My experience with Marquee Equity has been very good. This is my first attempt at raising funds and the start with getting the documentation ready for the funding round was very good and insightful. Both Ridhima and Kritika were very helpful and were on time in their response whenever I had any doubts. I would like to recommend them to everyone who is looking to raise funds.

Kenneth Dsouza, Founder & CEO, Store2Door

Deal Origination

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The Market

With 82 percent Americans using digital payment modes, it’s evident that the payment software industry is blooming in the USA. Over the recent years, especially after the global pandemic, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of digital payments and startups emerging in the US Payment Software Industry. 

While the global payment gateway market size has been valued at USD 18.21 Billion in the year 2020, it is clear that the industry has magnificent potential to show growth in the upcoming years. Not only this, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is expected to expand at a rate of 21.7% by the end of 2028. The industry is also expected to reach USD 361.31 Billion by 2030. With such favorable numbers to look upto, our client was already a part of an industry that is bound to prosper which proliferated its chances of raising funds.

The Ask

We reached out to Marquee Equity seeking support and guidance to raise funds for our company. Along with the money, we wanted to connect with investors who would guide us throughout. We strongly believed in the synergies that we could gain by associating with Marquee Equity and the enthusiasm that the Marquee team brought on the table.Founder, PayGround

When the US Payments Software company contacted us they shared their expectations and that they were looking forward to raising $2Million within the span of 7 months. 

Our team commenced working closely with the US Payments Software Company. We started with understanding the business model, the market, and their pain points. Investor outreach programs began and emails were sent to the potential investors. Meanwhile, the team on the backend was preparing the pitch deck and necessary documents.

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The Response

Not to our surprise, the inbox was flooded with the responses from the investors requesting pitch decks and scheduling meetings.

Within the next 4 months, PayGround successfully raised $2Million. They are using the money as proposed, for integration and UI. They are further recruiting professionals to easen out the workload.

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By associating with Marquee Equity, the first-time fundraisers can experience a smooth fundraising process which can easen out the burden of future fundraising rounds. They also get to establish strong professional connections with the investors by leveraging the wide network of 3000+ investors of Marquee Equity and nonetheless, they get funds at the highest valuation possible.

The responsibilities at Marquee Equity have been thoroughly divided which makes the entire process smooth. This saves a lot of time and fastens the entire process.
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